Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes - The Mountain

Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes - The Mountain (2015)

Artist: Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes
Title: The Mountain
Label: ABC Music
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 2015-09-25
Quality: FLAC (16-bit/44.1 kHz)
Playtime: 45:00 Min
Tracks: 12
Size: 278.3 Mb

1. Afraid of the Light (3:44)
2. The Mountain (2:59)
3. The Secret I'll Take to My Grave (5:25)
4. The King and I (3:55)
5. I Don't Make the Rules (3:38)
6. Dugdemona (4:24)
7. A Long Way to Fall (3:24)
8. Travelling Companion (3:04)
9. Fool for Love (4:20)
10. View from the Bridge (3:37)
11. 'Til We Meet Again (3:10)
12. Gin and Tonic (Bonus Track) (3:20)


Local folk-meets-alt-country troubadour Lachlan Bryan and his band The Wildes release their new album, 'The Mountain,' through ABC Music/Universal. Lead single "Afraid Of The Light" is a heart-wrenching track co-written with the acclaimed Kim Richey, who also lends her tender backings vocals to the lines "You know that I need you, through the darkness I will lead you. But I've always been afraid of the light..." It's an emotionally-charged opener that sets the tone for Bryan's most personal set of songs yet, crafted in the studio with The Wildes (Mat Duniam, Shaun Ryan) and, for the first time, Damian Cafarella. Bryan says of the song, "I started writing "Afraid Of The Light" in a hotel room in Adelaide, and finished it in Kim Richey's cabin in Tennessee. I think it's a hopeful song - but there's certainly an element of sadness. In the past I think people have perceived me as dwelling in the dark -but as is always the case, there is darkness and light all around - most of us dwell somewhere in the middle."